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11 Types of friends one makes in college

They are our beloved “chutiyas”.
The ones with whom we are the closest too.Who see us in our worst,best,horniest,dumbest;and yet stay.
If you too have got a big group of friends in college,you would be able to relate ahead.


1.Einstein’s Love-child

The one who hasn’t known life beyond evolution and fertilization.
They are the traitors who tell you in the class,”Yaar padhne de na”,when you are howling all over the place.







2.The ever-depressed

They are never satisfied with life.
They can make negative out of the most positive situations.
You will always remain their advice bank.







3.The casanova

The one whose ex-girlfriends are still calling you expecting a patch-up with him.
He is the guy to whom no one in your group introduce their girlfriends.






4.The gossip girl

She will be like,”Pata hai,X ne Y ke saath milkar Z ko raste pe bohot peeta”.
You will be like,”Hey i dont even know X,Y or Z”.







5.The agony aunt


Everyone comes to her for advices.
You would have surely ended up in jail if she wasn’t there.






6.The pseudo-friends 

The ones who receive the major portion of curse words from you.
They tell you to do exactly what you shouldn’t.





7.The party animal

You owe her your weekends.
She will be the one who will arrange all the booze and music whenever you want to groove.






8.The friend who doesnt know you after he/she fell in love

She was your friend once.
Then she got committed.
Now you hear from her only on her monthly anniversaries.







9.The Parent

The one who gives you lectures about morality and spirituality when they catch you in a mess.
You hide your whole life from this friend.








10.The Mastermind Bakchod

All the crimes you commit,has at some point of time originated as an idea in this friend’s brain.





11.The poor one at whom everyone dumps their frustration

Everyone’s favorite.
The one who bears everyone’s anger,frustration,aggression etc.
And still isn’t considered anyone’s best friend.





Call and them and tell them how those assholes have been on your mind right now.
Catch them up in the evening and thank them for being what they are.
And when they look overwhelmed,abuse them verbally and show them they are still bitches.