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10 Things people do when high

We all have seen our friends when they are on a drinking spree.
And the things they do are so dramatic,that a single post-drunk video of theirs can get you to be the most-viewed Youtubers.
Read on and relive those pathetic moments.

Here are things people do when drunk till the throat.


1.Laugh so uncontrollably that Navjot Sidhu can lose confidence






2.Dance like its the “Baraat” of their own brother




3.They tell you about all the 345 ex-girlfriends they had truly loved




4.They suddenly start telling you how much they love you.In the most physical ways





5.They will alternatively puke and pee all night.(Exactly when you should record a video)




6.They start yelling the most avant-garde curse words they know.Time to save your life





7.Force others to drink because you can’t just be the only sober person left




8.Drink more to show off their drinking capacities




9.”Yaar mujhe chadhti kahan hai”? is the most repeated dialogue¬†




10.Discuss regrets regarding career,family,OkCupid friends and toilet paper



These drunkards are still lovely people,though a little crazy.
So next time they offer,do act like you are drinking and drain all the whiskey down the gutter once they go to pee.
And also,dont forget to not let them drive.

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