Food for Thought

The perfect punishment for a Rapist.

It is indeed sad to see that in our country, there is a rape case filed in every 22minutes. Isn’t that a horrible fact? Well the fact is gonna remain the same if the culprits are not taught a proper lesson.

Till date we do not see any firm punishments or judgement given to these idiots. And I guess that was the only reason why he was so “Cool” about what he did.

He was way too proud of what he did. And like all other molesters, he blames the girl for provoking him. So he justifies saying that a school going girl dressed in salwar provoked him to molest her!

Yes it is horribly irritating to hear the man’s reasons to do what he did. But wait to see what happened to him.

The best part of the conversation is the moment when he realizes what he has paid back. And that is what I call “The perfect punishment for a Rapist.” 🙂

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