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10 Reasons to date a guy who is into Gymming

We date intelligent men.We date good looking men.And we absolutely date humorous men.
But this post is not about all of them.
Dating a guy who works out a lot has its own perks,which are as healthy and as attractive as the guy himself.

If you are that guy who recognizes days as “chest day”,”leg day” etc,instead of Sunday or Monday,this is for you.
And if you are girl,wondering why you should date anyone just because they have muscles,here are some brilliant reasons to do so.



1.Automatic regulation of your exercise

Once you date a guy who is into gymming,you will suddenly start doing super-woman grade activities.
He will make sure you do enough push-ups and enough squats to change from a couch potato to a fitness freak















2.The Shirtless-ness and sweat

You will have too many things to think about him even when he is not around.
And when he is,the sweat and shirtless-ness will keep you always charged up around the clock.



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3.You can expect every level of romance

You can’t simply do “love-stunts” with those lanky guys who are lighter than you.







4.You don’t feel jealous of women who date stars anymore

Because back home we have someone who is a tough competition for every other Ranbir or Shahid Kapoor.
So fuck you,Deepika Padukone and other sisters.








5.Safety reasons

You both can team up and beat anyone anytime.Yay.
So safety all the time.







6.He will look great in no matter what you gift

So you are free from dilemmas when Valentine’s is approaching.






7.Household work gets easy

He will help you open all those jammed jars.
He will lift you so you can get the coffee jar from the higher shelves.
Your mother and sibling will become his fans.







8.Your viewpoint of seeing food changes.

You see everything in terms of the amount of fats,carbohydrates and proteins in them.
But also,sadly,your dinner dates will start with salads and end with asparagus.






9.You will have amazing kids

Ones who will beat the shit out of their classmates.







10.Because even if he wouldn’t have been into gymming,you would have still dated him.

So you actually never date him for his muscles,for they keep growing and lagging.
You date him for his heart,which is permanently of gold.