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These people need to be banned from Facebook..

Life would have been so much easier without things like FB, Twitter and Instagram. At least you won’t know what amount of stupidity surrounds you. Anyway, it is fun to see people make errors and exaggerate it..because..well, we are crappy!

1. At least believe the red underline on the word while you are typing!

5. It's a lot less depressing when you spell it right.

2. Either she’s the goddess of the lazy or the crazy.

8. Stairs. They're stairs that can sometimes move.

3. The shortest joke ever!

13. No one ever correct her, because this is hilarious.

4. May Titanic rest in peace.

15. I can't even find words to describe how I feel about this.

5.  Something is seriously wrong there.

18. Go to a doctor.

6.  Oh, my eyes are wet!

10.) That kid will correct his mistakes. Mommy will not.

7.  If only you knew something called Google…….

14.) The suspense is killing me!

8. A round of applause…

24.) Mt. Rushmore, the most perfect act of nature.

9. …………

23. Someone might want to loop social services in on this one.

10. LOL

25.) Did they never question WHY it's the "4th of July?"

11. This is awkward!

19. She who is without duckface may cast the first stone.

12.  Seriously?

16. Oh god, please say she wasn't from the US.

13.  Woah, wait.. what?

31.) No. ... No. NO!


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