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Because #Likeagirl is always a compliment!

“Feminism:┬áthe advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes,” reads the dictionary. I bet many of you would scratch your heads. But feminism has an easier definition – giving your women the confidence to do things ‘like a girl’. Knowingly or unknowingly aren’t you just snatching away your girl’s confidence by saying things like ‘don’t cry like a girl’ or ‘dude, you’re such a pervert, stop acting like a girl!’? Because girls are weak, right? They need protectors.

WRONG! Girls are superheroes. And doing things ‘like a girl’ should be a compliment because isn’t your mom the strongest pillar of your life? Isn’t your sister the one who backs you up?
If you’re a teenage girl sitting in one corner of the world and thinking, “why wasn’t I a guy?”, trust me when I say,’because you were born to do better things’.

This video would change the way you think…


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