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You just cannot afford to miss, this gem of a video on ‘Depression’

It is a known fact that Deepika Padukone has went through depression herself and has luckily been able to overcome it, mostly because of the support of her near and dear ones. But after she overcame it, she also made sure to spread awareness regarding the same. She has been publicly vocal about the issue of Depression a several time. And keeping the same cause in mind, she started a foundation named The Live Love Laugh Foundation.

Recently the foundation launched a campaign named ‘Dobara Poocho’. Which stresses on the need to ask a person “How are you” more than just once, if you feel the need to do so. It urges you, not to take the statement “How are you doing” or “How’s life going on” just as a casual one. Because your asking once more could actually help a person to open up and share their feelings.

Thus do not ignore your intuitions, and do not hesitate to ask again.

If you  really care, #DobaraPoocho

Following is the video recently uploaded by The Live Love Laugh Foundation. Please do watch it!! 🙂

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