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11 Irritating things that happen in an airplane

“Please pay attention for the safety announcements”,and then while the air hostess does her  ketchup dance,you make sure you don’t pay attention,just because you were asked to do it.
You wait for your muffin and drink to come,since you had paid for it and it was your right to make sure you don’t let it go unconsumed.
Flight rides are surely the most boring and irritating experiences you have had.

And here is why:


1.Cry babies with  their irresponsible mothers

These babies make sure you don’t sleep on your plane.And their mothers make sure they do nothing to stop the baby.








2.Fake air hostesses whose modelling carriers had ended long ago

They fake smiles and politeness so much that your boyfriend goes all gaga over her.








3.The loudly talking uncles

These uncles talk so loudly and endorse their political viewpoints so much,that you wonder if they are either Arnab Goswami’s cousins,or AAP fans.





4.The sleeping beast

He sleeps on your shoulder throughout the ride and almost paralyzes that hand,leaving it with supplementary saliva staining your sleeves







5.The footballer

He sits behind you,and gives you free-kicks for the next few hours.







6.The fat momma

She sits beside you,but almost takes half of your seat’s space with all her fat bulging from everywhere.






7.The announcements

Crap which you don’t give a shit to.







8.The one who is raping you from his eyes

That guy in the corner who makes sure he convinces  you that he has X-ray vision.






9.The toilets

If you go there,you return disappointed as there is not even enough space to pass fart.You might need external motivation to go in and pee with all that claustrophobia frightening you.







10.The bumpy ride

The only way you might lose your virginity





11.The stampede during the landing