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Indian train ka “suffer”

If you have the privilege of living in the Republic of India, where half the public is constantly driving the other half crazy (it is a vice-versa situation, I’m not taking anyone’s side),  you would certainly have the unmatchably exotic experience of travelling in the Indian trains. And if you haven’t had it yet, well, let me tell you how exactly it would feel like….

1. Railway security is generally a joke

We have Police and things, but most of the time the situation is like this..

While the police is hanging out on a chair talking about stupid things like this..

2. The Vendors…they keep you entertained!

What can you not find at  railway station or a train itself?  You would constantly hear things like…

“Saste aur ghatiya khilone..par is chhoti yatra me nahi denge aapke bachche ko rone”.
(Cheap and bad toys…but will keep your child happy in this short journey)

And can you forget the “Chai..Chai” nasal-voice which is exclusive to them. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to imitate! And word of advice: don’t try repeating after them.

3. The annoying kids in your nearby compartment would make you lose faith in reproduction.

You are forced to smile at all the messes they make. But inside, its like..

4. The tracks are the perfect places to chill out and if by mistake there are trains….you could do this..

Crazy train stunt

or this..

Salman khan stunt kick

5. You have to be a ninja and save your berth from intruders

There is literally no need of tickets when you have ‘rumaals’! Keeping sticking to your berth like this..

6. Indian trains always has some daredevils on board…

“Aaj Kuchh Toofani karte hain!”

Indian train stunt cool

stunt train india

7. When you have to cross the passage..

 To make your way through a passage you have to show some extra ordinary skills…

8. You could find good company too..

Despite all the hustle bustle, you could find kind people too. You could end up having great conversations….

And if Bollywood movies are to be believed, probably a love story! 😛

It may be a pain in the ass, the Indian train voyage, but can you imagine India without the great Indian Railways? Probably not!

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