Festivals are fun! But these ones could horrify you!

Rituals in India are something that is followed with utmost sincerity. And any disrespect or harm caused to any of the rituals is going to be a real big mess.

So I’m sure you would have seen a heap of weird rituals and customs followed in every other part of the country. Everyone have their own piece of explanation for the rituals and custom that they follow.

Here is a check list for some of the strange customs horrifying Indian rituals from the corners of the country. They do have some motive behind it, but Yes, these rituals could really make you get goosebumps!

1. Fire walking(Theemithi) Tamil Nadu:

5 horrifying Indian rituals

“Theemithi” originally means stamping fire. The ritual is a part of the two and a half month preparation, where parts of Mahabharata is re-enacted. Originally, the custom is a celebration of Draupadi. Post the Kurukshetra battle, Draupadi is known to be walking across a bed of fire. And  the theemithi ritual is a custom that re-enacts the same.

2. Govardhan Puja, Maharastra :

5 horrifying Indian rituals

Cows are considered sacred across the country. And in some parts of Maharastra, it is a little more. The respect for cows  are taken to an all new level in the Bhiwdawad village, where villagers adorn their cows with flowers, Colors and henna. And then they lie down on the ground allowing the cows to trample over them.

The villages follow the custom in a belief that their prayers will be answered by God.

3. Garudan Thookam, Kerela:

5 horrifying Indian rituals

Originating from Kerela, Garudan Thookam is carried out in Kerela’s Kali temples and is equally terrifying. Dancers dress themselves like “Garuda(vehicle or Lord Visnu)”. After performing a dance, the dancers hang themselves on a shaft like eagles(Garudan Thookam)  by hooking their backs and legs.

4. Self Flagellation:

5 horrifying Indian rituals

Followed by Muslims, Self Flagellation is the mourning of Muharram. It’s a part of the holy month of remembrance and mourning by Muslims. On the tenth day of the month, the day of Ashura, Shia muslims carry out the custom of mass self flagellation. Men whip their bodies wih blades and sharp weapons till they are drenched with their own blood.

They do this commemorating the martyrdom and dead of Hussain.

5. Thaipoosam, Tamil Nadu:

5 horrifying Indian rituals

Celebrated in Tamil Nadu, Thaipoosam is carried out in the month of Thai. The custom honors the Lord Murugan. Followed by a fast of 48 days, devotees and believers pierce their bodies with hooks, skewers and lances, which is known as the “Vel” in Tamil.

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