Food for Thought

10 things to do in the first year of college

First year of college.New life.New people.
The taste of ragging,the satisfaction of only having to read subjects you have chosen.
College is one’s first encounter with freedom.

But there are things you should keep in mind to do,before you lose the freshness of a freshman year.Go on,explore below.



Know your batchmates,know your seniors.
They will be your family from now on.
Most importantly,find your own gang of partners in crime.









2.Try at least one thing new

Add a new interest to your diary.
This year will be the best time to start your dedication towards something which can calm your spirits.





3.Get yourself in shape

Dye your hair if you want to,slim your thighs down.
Change your wardrobe,change your tastes of shoes.
Concentrate on your looks,not because it matters to others,but because it builds your confidence up.






4.Know the opposite sex

They are as crazy as you.Trust me.
Befriend them,bridge the gender gap.
And if you wish to,do not be afraid to date them






5.Make a short trip to a nearby destination

Free yourself.
Lose your consciousness for once and enjoy your heart out.
Also,on holidays,you know your friends more.






6.Visit the theater.More often

Only to have a good time.
They are your easiest source to make memories.
And dont keep calm in the theater,do anything you want while its dark.From burping due to popcorn,to shouting during intimate scenes.






7.Get in touch with old friends

They had been important once.
Make them feel important again.
They are your only link to childhood.







8.Most important.Take a lot of pictures

Capture the memories you create.
So you can see yourself grow once you already have grown.







9.Be there in every single college event.

From festivals to cultural fests,be there all the time.
Experience what college is ought to be.






10.Learn bunking.Learn proxy.

Do this. That’s the main difference in school and college life.
Be naughty,be bold.But never disrespectful.





I have done it all.Its your time now.
Make sure you do justice to your first time.
College will never be new more than once.