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This eye-witness account of The Kiss of Love would split you with laughters

India is a funny country. While every man is allowed to take a leak on the walls, spit tobacco on the walls, and break traffic rules, if you are even out with your brother on Valentines day, you would be beaten by ‘the flag bearers of morality’.  It is funny and suffocating at the same time.

Some peeps in Kerala started the Kiss-of-love protests but then, you know, we have the problem of those ‘moral people’ I just mentioned. Let us look at this in a rational way, kissing is no crime but we should not forget that our culture is not ready yet. And if I put it right, we have far too many problems that need to be solved before kissing in public is legalized. I mean, come on, homosexuality is still a crime here.

Our take? No pissing, no kissing! 😛

Check out this humorous first hand experience. How perfectly does he describe our funny social condition!

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