Edmund Thomas Clint, a 7 years old Kid did Things that will Surprise you

Such an Amazing talent….

Edmund Thomas Clint, son of M T Joseph and Chinnamma Joseph was named after Clint Eastwood. This kid was born in 1976 in Kochi, Kerala and he was an Indian child sensation.

Clint was known for having drawn over 25000 painting in as very short span of time. He was a genius kid; he died in at the age of 7 due to kidney failure. A normal kid won’t be able to draw such an amazing painting. But Clint started making painting when he was 2 year old and before he died showed some best work painted by him. The thing he did in those 7 years will Surprise you.

Clint was a genius child; he got legacy after his death due to his incredible work. Clint Road in Kochi is named after him. A Malayalam movie Anandbhairavi was based on the life of this prodigy child, Clint.

Clint will be remembered forever for his work…An India Kid prodigy who died at 7…