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These are the deadliest roads of the world

While the world is busy making the smoothest and the fanciest of roads, we scoop out the ones which have been made for those dirt-kissers who love the bends of these dangerous paths.

But be warned, mapping these roads is no kid’s play.

1. North Yungas Road, Bolivia

Yungas (15)

Dubbed as the “Road of Death”, this road has seen a lot many buses and cars go tumbling down the valley. Especially when there is a two-way traffic.

2. James Dalton Highway, Alaska

Ice covered Haul road

Although it appears all serene and quiet, it is actually filled with potholes and small flying rocks carried by fast winds in the icy deserts of Alaska.

3. Leh Manali Highway, India


Spreading over 297 miles on the Himalayan Highway roads, the Leh-Manali Highway is pretty famous for being one of the most deadly roads in India.

4. Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand

skippars canyon


Located in the beautiful South island of Newzealand, the Skippers Canyon would be the ultimate test to your driving skills. Be sure to remember all your Gods, you would need a lot of blessings driving along this slippery road, that is, if you get the permit to drive.

5. Guoliang Tunnel in the Taihang mountains, China

guoliang tunnel


The Guoliang Tunnel located in the picturesque surroundings of China’s Henan province is one of the most devilish roads you could ever fathom. An interesting fact about this tunnel is that it was mostly made with hand tools and has rightly been awarded the nickname of  “the road that does not tolerate mistakes.”

6. Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan


If you want to get a taste of NFS Most Wanted, try driving around this Taiwanese road someday. Full of sharp turns and rocky cliffs, you would have an adrenaline rush like never before.

7. Karakoram Highway, Pakistan


Linking China and Pakistan at the Khunjerab Pass, this Highway is rather unpaved at Pakistan’s end. Only pure daredevilry could cross this road.

8. The Highway of Death, Iraq

Spread across Kuwait City to Basra, this is not exactly a kind of road that is too hard to map but it was destroyed in the war between Iraq and US. A retreating column of Iraqi tanks and trucks was bombed by U.S.

9. The Zoji Pass, India


Often cut-off during winters due to the snowfall, the Zorji Pass connecting Ladakh and Kashmir. It is more upright than it looks and harder to drive through, even in summer.

10. Luxor-al-Hurghada Road, Egypt

This road has a different reason for being called dangerous. yeah, it is all dusty and windy but it also is a hideout of bandits. Riders would keep their headlights off even at night.



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