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Coolest Things Printed with 3 D Printers

Mesmerizing 3D effects looks great to see. We all enjoy 3D effects whether it is a movie or effects given to an image. With the development in Technology, nowadays we have 3D printers available in the market.

The pictures printed with such 3D printers look realistic. You can create a design and make a 3D model out of it. There have been many cool things printed out of 3D printers. Some of the cool and amazing things are:

Hand- Made Camera Lens 


This is just amazing that you can 3D print a camera lens. You can make your own lens and stumble upon some unique and creative results. Make use of acrylic to replace the glass and use other required tools.

Acoustic Guitar – 3D Printed


With the help of 3D printing guitars can be crafted with plastic and with complete metal sound-hole cover. Such 3D printed Guitar was first created by Scott Summi. You can also make 3D model of the guitars of your favorite musicians.

Japanese Flute

Japanese flute

Another musical instrument created out of 3D printing. Japanese flute, with beautiful finish and unique dragon design. This flute can be glossy, antique bronze plated or gold pleated matte.

Medical Models – 3D Printed

3D Foot

Doctors who have cheaper alternative to learn can create models of body parts with the help of 3D printing to practice surgery without using cadavers. Creating such medical models is accurate, due to which surgeons plan the surgery on the printed models first.

Intricate Birdhouse


If you like birds around your house and want to them to be comfortable than create a bird house. Go for 3D printing and craft a bird house as per your wish for your little birds, finches, chickadees etc.

Flying Things


Kids usually enjoy playing with paper planes. Print out some gliders, aircrafts and go to a field and blown it away. Blow it away to incredible distance and enjoy the realistic look which is possible due to 3 D printing.

Party Accessories


Its party time and you require unique party accessories to host your party, just go for 3D printing and craft unique party accessories. Quickly fill the glasses with such an accessory like shot dispenser that may fill 8-10 glasses at the same time.

Customized Cases for Smart Phone


Make use of your 3D printer and craft customized cases with designs of your choice for your smart phone. Let your smartphone have a different and attractive look.

Electric Light Shoes


When it comes to home decor there are various things that can be created out of 3D printing. One of the interesting creations can be electric light shoe. You can use this shoe as contemporary piece of decor in your house.

3D printed Clock


A 3D printed clock which adds an impressive look to the wall. Create a design of your choice and construct a unique mechanical wall piece. Make use of required machinery to complete your master piece, 3D printed mechanical clock.

By having looked at all these cool and materialist things, it seems that stop investing on expensive home decor and other such thing. Just buy a 3 D printer and craft different and unique things on your own.