BuzzFeed’s new video hits bang on target!

In case you forgot, let me remind you that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. And if we all are aliens living in the same world, it is only justified that we would have communication issues. If you’re a man or a woman of the official dating age between 20 to 30, this video would probably be the story of your life. Is it so hard to go on a date? May be not, but then, there are so many rules you have to follow, it becomes a little hard eventually.

Asking someone out is hard, but texting someone out is harder! If you are one guy who believes more in his fingers than his mouth (no pun intended), and believe that texting a girl is the easier way to approach, you might want to change your point of view after watching this video. Or may be not. It is just fun to watch, it won’t change your perspective. 😛

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