Best Ways to Propose a Girl

Proposing a girl in unique way may amaze everyone. A girl’s one of the biggest dreams is to have a perfect proposal. Most of the girls want to have an amazing or unique scenario, not just going down on knees with roses in hand. This scenario of going down on knees is very common.

You can propose your love in best and most romantic way by making it special for her. Win her heart with some different and unusual way of proposing, so that she gets amazed and feels special. Some of the best ways to propose a girl:

Be Yourself


Most important thing to keep in mind is be what you are. Don’t give a fake impression. The girl should accept you as what you are. Keep it simple and sweet but yet special. Follow your heart and her too and make her fell special as you say those three magical words to her.

Romantic Candle Lit Dinner with Wine

candle lit dinner

One of the classy ways to propose a girl is to take her out for a candle lit dinner. Proposing under the dim light of candles with romantic tunes sets is one of the most romantic ways. Ask her for dance before the food arrives and pop the question by creating an ambiance that she just can’t refuse.

Design a Webpage


Try something out of the box, quite a unique way to propose is by creating a website. Make use of technology, get a web designer and design a web page that has photos of you both together. Create an online memory that would remind her of wonderful and precious times spend with you. Wait for her positive reply as you send her the link.

Plan a day’s Picnic


Simple yet one of the best ways to propose is to take her on one day picnic. Plan it in advance and in the morning eventually drive to the place. Take her to a theme park or romantic resort or fun/ adventure park/resort. Spend some quality time with her, make her feel special and express your feelings. Let her feel generous and tell her how much you love her.

Recite poems, written by you


If you have decent writing skills then write few romantic lines for her. A shot of romantic poem and send her that poem with a bouquet of flowers. You can meet her, recite that romantic poem in front of her and then talk with her free as you express your feelings. Use words as your weapon and she’ll simply say yes.

Proposing through Radio


If you know that she listens to the radio every day, proposing her through it will work charms with her. Girls usually love brave guys. Any girl would love the guy who would propose her in front of thousands of people who are listening radio. Call your local FM radio station, one you know she will be tuning into. Dedicate your love her favorite song. Tell them to play you and your song together. After doing this she will surely say yes.

Banner Proposal at her home or work place


If you can’t express your feelings verbally due to the fear of rejection then you can make use of a banner. Get prepared a banner with words “I Love You” or “Will You Marry Me” and display it outside her house or work place. You can also go for flying banner and give surprise to your love, making it memorable and exciting. It is suggested to not to use her real name on the banner. Try it your proposal won’t get rejected.

These are some of the way; you can try your own unique and amazing ways to propose your love… Go for it and win her heart in a special way.