Best Reasons to Date a Girl who Loves Cricket

Wooow Cricket and Cricketers………. !!!!

Cricket is such a game that almost everyone follows. A game that creates, thrill from the first ball to the last ball. Girls usually don’t like this game of cricket. Yes, there are girls who are crazy about cricketers.

Nowadays cricket has become such a game that involves glamour as well, with the tournament like ILP and rumours of linkups between a cricket and a model or actress.  Girls who love watching cricket, many a times it is just because her favourite cricketer is playing.

Boys, who are usually fond of cricket, have question in their mind when some or the other series or cricket match is going on. They think they have to compromise one thing between cricket and girlfriend or the girl he is dating. But what if the girl you are dating loves cricket too.

Here are some of the best reasons to date a girl who loves cricket:

Style Quotient: Girls have good observing power when it comes to style and looks. She will always be concerned about your hair, your dressing sense and will always keep you updated with the latest fashion trends.

Photoshoot of Cool Virat Kohli for Reebok Ad 2013

You can drool over an Actress: She will always be concerned about her favorite cricketer. She will have all the details regarding which actress her favorite cricketer is dating. She will be jealous as well as curious to find some or the other fault in her. The best thing you need to do is nod your head and drool over that actress on the screen as you booth go for her movie.


You always have Cricket to talk about: You are bored of watching movies and there is no cricket on television. Just start a conversation on any match or IPL and you won’t realise how easily a couple of hours have gone.


The Swearing of course: She will be the one who won’t hesitate to use a slang or MCBCs. We know many of the cricketers do speaks out such things on field and off field as well. You have to worry about her much as she will try to handle the situation on her own by shouting MCBCs in no time.


Cricket fights Vs. No Dates: You will be among those lucky couples who will enjoy a cricket match together. You won’t have to go through the stuffs like “You don’t love me, you just love cricket”. Yes, you may have to go through some stupid questions related to uniform color. She will automatically stop the conversation as her favorite cricketer will enter the field or is on the field.


She will like that dishevel look: Many of the girls would complain that you are not presentable. But guess what, your girl will not be one of them. You can just say that you are trying to look like any of her favorite cricketer and she will understand it without any other question.

sify cricket

Excellence Personified: Every guy wants to date an ambitious girl. You don’t have to worry about her career; she will be focused on it. Just ask your girl why is she so focused and she will start with the success stories of the cricketer she admires.


Go get a Tattoo done: Are you interested in getting inked or having a tattoo? She will never as no to you as presently many of the cricketers have tattoos so go get yourself inked and she will also suggest you some of the good designs which are already done by some or the other cricketer.


She loves Cricket: Most important is this that she is a cricket lover, the same sport that you love too. This is one of the best reasons that she will be better as compared to those other girlfriends. She will sit beside you and enjoy the sport.


Enjoy your favourite sport with such a girl who loves the same sport that you do. So, go for it, as it’s not a bad idea to date a girl who loves cricket as you also do.

Cricket Rooocksss…….. 😉