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Some of the Best Indian Jugaads

Everyone grows up by hearing the word Jugaad…..

If there’s some problem the thing that comes to the head is “Kuch jugaad ho jaye bas” and one starts looking that if something can happen.

Jugaad is something that means simple work around or some innovative fix. It means use of signified creativity to make something new with the resources available. It can be applicable to any creative and out of the box thinking.

Some innovative and unbelievable things created out of such jugaads:

1. A pump requires energy…. But in case you don’t have anything done out then make use of an old bike for providing energy because all you want is drive energy to the pump what so ever the source is.


2. An innovative and cheap chandelier…. if you don’t have a big chandelier, make the use of plastic bottles, do not waste them.


3. Does your bike don’t have a horn or there’s some battery issue??? If it is so then don’t waste your money to get repaired just use bicycle bell and have an innovative experience.


4. You don’t have a fridge but do have an air condition and want chill your beer or cold drink. Use your AC to get your beer or cold drink chilled.


5. No Mirror required or it’s broken in to pieces… Something really amazing: using laptop cam for grooming yourself.


6. You are traveling through train and there is no place to sit. What will you do to get yourself comfortable??? You may go and stand near to the door or ask someone to allow you sit is one don’t mind. But why not try something different… Just have a look at the image below…


7. Ohhh God!! The gas got over, what will I do now, it time for my evening tea. What to do now??? Make use of iron tilt it upwards and place your tea vessel on it, prepare your tea and just enjoy…


Some of the innovative Jugaads one can go for or make use of the available resources to solve or do the things.

It’s just “Kar le Jugaad Kar le, Kar le koi Jugaas…….” 😉