8 Childhood memories that every 90’s kid would relate to.

If you are a kid born in the 90’s, first of all you have not grown too old to cherish childhood so much but you definitely have reached a point where you see things with a different perspective. You realize that being a carefree and happy child was the best time of your life. Take a walk down the memory lane..

1. Pokemon toys, Bableds and WWE cards were the things you loved showing off.

2. All your lazy afternoons were spent in chhupan-chhupai, cricket and hop-scotch.

3. You would sleep anywhere in the house but you’d always wake up on your bed.

4. The morning and/or evening Bournvita.

5. Your un-interrupted (and unadulterated) chain of fanciful thoughts.

6. Songs like ‘lakdi ki kaathi’ are still your favorite.

7. You loved climbing on the stol and reach the cookie jar somehow.

8. A day out with mom and dad meant the world! Especially it was to the Zoo.

PS: Happy children’s day people.

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