15 most useless products ever made

We love inventions and the 21st century is all about them but some inventions are,well…bizarre….here are handpicked 15 of them!

1. Privacy Scarf

Main aur meri tanhayai….but this went a little too far. And besides the fact that it looks pathetic, it becomes plainly obvious that you are watching something…ahem..fishy.

2. Air Conditioned Shoes

Seriously? You want us to pay you for cutting holes in our shoes? And though the man’s smile would make you think twice but no thanks!

3.  Walking Sleeping Bag

Yeah sure, make me look like  Big Foot! Though on second thoughts, it is great to scare the crap out of people. Just go hide behind a door and  shout ‘booya!’ as someone arrives. Restless nights, guaranteed!

4.  Female lap pillow

If you were looking for something more ridiculous, this would be it. I hope they didn’t have an advertisement for this. I’m gonna search YouTube!

5. Lipstick Stencil

Because, how else will you know where your lips are?

6. Diet Water

All this time I was thinking that water does not have calories and fats, and then these geniuses made Diet Water! Science is such a bitch right?

7.  Banana Cutter

This instrument is specially designed to cut bananas because bananas are so hard, you can’t slice than with ordinary knives. Phew! What a brilliant idea!

8. Shoe Umbrella

I have a few questions: How on earth are they protecting your feet from getting wet? and who the hell would walk around with freaking umbrellas on their feet? You would definitely be wet with humiliation anyway!

9. Goldfish Walker

When your goldfish keeps asking you for a walk out in the street, what do you do? Well with this product you can take it around like your own kid. Not to mention, you would have to do the painful task of transferring it from your fish tank to this tank and you would be clicked like a celebrity on the streets.

10. The Car Exhaust Grill

What is better than a burger made from car exhaust? Smoking hot! More smoking than hot actually.

11. Spray On Hair Color

Ya, like you can spray paint your bald head and no one would know the difference. No, seriously, I would pay you to try it.

12. Picnic Pants

You never know when you go for a picnic and then, you have to be flexible enough right? And you can eat putting your plate on that..thing…between your legs…creepy!

13. Wine Glass Holder Necklace

Because, who needs tables? I’m totally gonna ask for these as our i-cards.

14. Toilet Golf

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore!


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