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15 of the cutest historic photographs ever

Whenever you think of the past, history or the olden times, you mostly recollect the wars, the poverty, and the dreadful diseases. Basically the idea of history does not please you or excite. But today in this article, we would be looking to the other side of the history. The “positive” side, below we’ll be posting 15 of the most adorable pictures of the past, which will surely bring a smile on your face. Some may even, touch your heart!! So scroll on, and have a look.

1. The perfect gift ever, 1955

2.Young Carrie Fisher watching her mom Debbie Reynolds perform on stage, 1963

3. Cute ducks used as a part of medical therapy, 1956

4. Harold Whittles, hearing for the first time, 1974

5. The joy at the face of this Austrian toddler, while he receives the  new pair of shoes during WWII.

6. This marine sergeant taking caring of his adopted kitten.

7.  This US soldier, reuniting with his beloved, 1945.

8. A French boy introduces himself to Indian Soldiers ( 30th September 1914).

9. Christina Goldsmith kissing a puppy, 1950

cutest historic photographs

10. Girl playing for her dog

cutest historic photographs

11. Ice bucket challenge, New York City, 1943

12. The cute moments  of this “Victorian Couple” captured, 1890s

cutest historic photographs

13. This French girl’s love for her cat.

cutest historic photographs

14. Kids decorating Christmas tree, 1940s

15. This cute girl with her toad at a pet show, 1936

cutest historic photographs

Well, the olden times were indeed golden times. 🙂



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