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15 Mouth Watering Authentic Gujarati Dishes

Bahuj Bhookh Lage Che….

Gujarati dishes plated in a silver platter…… Looks so colorful. It comprises of dal, roti, sabze, sweet, homemade pickle, rice and sweet. Gujarati food is loved all over the world.

Gujarati cuisine is one of the oldest and primarily vegetarian. It offers variety of vegetarian dishes which are cooked in unique manner with different types of farsans, pickels, chutneys and other food items. Some of the delicious and mouth watering authentic Gujarati Delicacies are:

Dhokla: Dhokla symbolizes a Gujarati and people are considered to be Dhokla lovers. It is often served with Meethi chutney made from Amli (Tamarind) and Khajoor (Dates) or Green chutney.


Thepla: Thepla is a form of Indian Gujarati bread and holds position among essential food items for gujjus while they are travelling. It can be served simply with pickle or different veggies/ curries.


Undhiyu: A regional Gujarati dish prepared with different vegetables and variety of spices. Undhiyu is a very popular dish made during Kite festival of Gujarat.


Sev Tameta nu Shaak: As simple as 2 minute Maggi Noodles, this is very easy to prepare. It is made from Gujarati snacks Sev prepared in Indian tomato curry.

Sev Tamata Nu Shaak

Bajri no Rotlo: Rotlo is form of bread made of Maize (Bajri) flour. It is usually served with raw onion, jaggery with hot Ghee, green chilli, Ringan no Odeo and butter milk.


Khichdi: Full of nutrition, Khichdi is made from cereals, rice, vegetables and ghee. Healthy to eat Gujarati Khichdi is served with Kadhi or Butter Milk.


Khandvi: Khandvi is a popular snack for the people who love light flavour dishes. It can be enjoyed with different chutneys made from dates or green chilli & garlic.


Fafda: Almost available at every corner of cities in Gujarat. Fafda is a street food which is served with Jalebi, fried green chillies and accompanied by hot tea…


Locho: Almost all the suratis just loves this snack called Locho. A steamed boiled street food, served with sev and green chutney.


Gota: Similar to Aloo Vada of Maharashtra, Gotas are made from gram flour and green Fenugreek. It can be served with any type of chutney and tastes yummy.

Methi Na Gota

Sev Khamni: Sev Khamni is combination of crunchy sev and soft khamni served with green chutney and raw onion.


Lilva Kachori: Prepared from green pigeon peas stuffed in plain flour, it is very popular among elders. Lilva Kachori is mostly made during winters.


Muthiya: Mithiya is a tea time snack. It is among the loved dishes fried in hot oil with Indian lilac, mustard and sessame seeds.


Mohanthal: Made from gram flour, it is made during auspicious occasions in Gujarati family. It has the blend of cinnamon flour and one cannot hold their hands going toward the dish.


Doodpak: Semi- liquid rice pudding, made from goodness of milk, rice, dry fruits and saffron. It has an awesome taste that your taste buds won’t deny.


Feeling Hungry… So stop watching these images and go and enjoy yummy and delicious authentic Gujarati dishes. 🙂