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11 types of kids we find in school

Waiting for the bell to ring,the excitement when a teacher is absent and we get a free games period,going to school to see one particular person you have fallen for.We have been through school and we have all loved it.
But the journey we made was awesome because of the people around us specifically.

If you haven’t yet caught what i am talking about,read ahead.



1.The homework reminder

This is one species of motherfuckers who make sure teacher is reminded about last class’s homework.
They are also the ones who answers everything in class enthusiastically and lowers your self-esteem.






2.The “outstanding” kid

This kid is always found standing out of the class with hands raised or holding his ears.
He is the brat who always replies nasty to teachers and gets kicked out.





3.The deep thinker

They are too mature for their age.
They are found in distant corners of the class doing silent intellectual masturbation.





4.The teacher’s whore

Called the “chamchi” widely.
She keeps buttering the teacher and talks informally to them as if she have had known them from years.





5.The one who doesn’t come to school

You dont know this guy.
He comes only during exams.




6.The sporty hottie

He is the Ronaldo in the class.
Also as hot as him.
He is the player,literally and figuratively.




7.The older one

He is the one who has been failing from years.
You may or may not  have talked to him in your entire school life.




8.The Maharani

She comes to school everyday as if its her wedding day.
She walks through the corridors like she would walk on the ramp.
All hate her.




9.The monitor

He tells everyone whats right and whats wrong.
He is on the receiving end of everyone’s curses.




10.The Juliet

She is always heartbroken.
All her boyfriends were her “pehle saccha pyaar”.
You see her only when you need a notebook.




11.The sudden post pubertal  hot bomb

You never noticed him,till one day he comes with a coarse voice and dense facial hair.
And then he is nick-named “Panty dropper” by everyone.