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11 types of annoying people you can find on Facebook

Facebook is our life.
The number of likes and comments on our photos control our emotions more than our number of backlogs ever did.
And while we are so sentimentally attached to Facebook,there are people on the site who compel us to report spam against them every moment of our online life.

If you have been victim to jerks on Facebook,you will very well relate.



1.The KLPD queen

They will keep chatting with you like they only came online to talk to you.
And one day the replies stop coming.
If you ask them what’s wrong,you either get a blank “Seen” as a reply,or you get blocked.







2.Acronym freak

They will use acronyms for everything they say.LOL when they aren’t even grinning.
ROFL when they are definitely not rolling on the floor laughing.
While talking to them you need to stress yourself out to decode what they must be trying to say.








3.Ones who don’t speak more than “K” and “Hmmm”







4.The one who goes to bathroom only for selfies







5.The one who does everything after posting about it

They will tell you about everything in there lives. They tell you if they are having a toast and will mention if it has butter spread on it or not.
Also,since you are so concerned,they will make sure they post a picture of it too.








6.The grumpy cynic

This person has to find something negative in no matter what happens in the world.
If you post about your admission to a new college,he will comment about how making to that college was never difficult.
They never seem satisfied with anything or anyone.









7.The philosopher

This person enlightens you about love,life and death.
He/she always have cover photos with amazing quotes written on them.
But they are so deep,that while talking to them,you automatically start wondering about your existence and purpose of life.








8.The Hash-tagger









9.The one who copies  status-updates from Twitter 

They will post amazing one-lines about politicians,actors and other little things.You will go ROFLMAO on those and comment beautiful things out of ecstasy.
Only to find out the source of the one-liner the next day.








10.The grammar Nazi

My uncle died today.Maybe God loved him to much“,you update in intense grief.

Its not ‘to’ much.It should be “too” much “,this kameena will comment.






11.The Bucket Challengers

They are new in market.
They will randomly start a book-bucket or song-bucket challenge and coax you into making a list of the ones you love.
And further torture you into nominating others and being hated by them in turn.