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10 ways in which Christmas in India differs from the rest of the world

Christians in India only have two festivals to look up to, in the entire year, the “Christmas’ and “Easter”. And among the both, Christmas comes with a lot of happy vibes, thus kids and elders wait for it eagerly through out the year. Now as Christmas is just round the corner, in this post, we would like to burst a few Christmas myths for you. Also  this post will tell you the 10 ways in which Christmas in India differs from the rest of the world. Have a look!! 🙂

1.You would not find a real Christmas tree in India.

Because it would actually take too much effort to cut down a real Christmas tree from some other country and plant it in your own house (rich people are exception). Yes you can definitely spot some artificial Christmas tree in a few of your friend’s house.


2. And on the fake Christmas tree you find the fake snow

Yes in most cities of India snow fall never happen, thus people use fake snow either made of cotton or other chemical substances to cover up their fake Christmas tree.


3. Thus there are also no gifts under the Christmas tree.

In India gifts under the (fake) Christmas tree are mostly just a dream. The most that can happen is your relatives or parents giving you money, so that you buy gifts for yourself.


4. Most people attend the Midnight mass instead of Christmas eve party.

On Christmas eve, when you see us getting all ready, please don’t think that we are going for a Christmas party. Because in reality, we are going for the midnight mass, which is really l…ooooong and boring!!


5. Neither is the choir for the midnight mass as attractive as shown in the movies

And in case you thought, the choir in the mass had cute boys and girls, you are wrong!!


6. There is no romantic angle to the Christmas eve.

Yes, in India it’s only sticking around with your family.


7.  For most non-christian friends, Christmas = Santa’s Birthday

Nope it’s not!!The festival is about “Jesus’ Nativity”.


8. Also in reality Santa makes no sense, it’s just a fat uncle in the locality disguised as Santa.

Yes you heard it right!!


9. In India Christmas hymns are not limited to English language only.

Yes every language in India has it’s own Christmas hymn.


10. Basically Christmas in India is the Christian version of Diwali.

It’s like, when you go to a Hindu friend’s house on Diwali you invite them to your place on Christmas. Also there are many aspects which are both common in Diwali and Christmas.


Whatsoever, the Christmas celebration in India is definitely special!!

Wishing you a very happy Christmas.








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