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10 types of teachers we had in school

Speak loudly.Haven’t you eaten anything in breakfast?”
We all have heard this a zillion times.School wouldn’t have been the same if we wouldn’t have had those punishments.
The teacher’s day cards,the children’s day toffees,all remind us of the teacher-student relationships which have made us what we are today.
But even teachers were different and typical.

Here are the types of teachers i have come across in my life.



1.The lazy turtle

They take 15 minutes to complete a 2minutes long paragraph.
They are mostly drowsing in class and do not give a shit to your doubts.






2.The young and charming teacher you have a crush on

The reason you feel like going to school.
He is the “Shahid Kapoor” of Paathshala for you.
Too many gasps of breath are heard when he enters class.






3.The sentimental second language teacher

This teacher always feels his subject is not valued,and blames English for everything.
They are so attached to their subjects that it seems they would have taught it even without their salaries.





4.The Hitler

They are strict like anything.
You have never felt sleepy in this teacher’s class as you really have passion to live.
The time he teaches,you sit like a puppy in alert position.





5.The frustrated

They have a very bad sex life.
And they avenge that by taking revenge on you.
There favourite dialogue is “Did you forget to eat?Then how did you forget your homework?”.






6.The humorous and friendly one

He makes learning interesting by making everything seem funny.
This is the only class you learn something in.







7.The motherly

Kind teacher.
She loves you,you love her.
She grants grace marks to all.





8.The wierdo

This is one failed scientist who has taken up teaching.
You are mostly intimidated by his way of teaching.




9.The one who teaches for fun

When she teaches,all whisper among themselves,”Yaar isse kuch nahi aata“.
She comes and tells you personal stories about stuff and hardly tells you anything about the subject.





10.The one about whom no one cares

Mostly the teacher of a side,very side-subject.
No one gives a shit even this teacher is present in the class.
His class is the main time to play truth and dare.