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10 types of relatives we all have

One  vacations or marriage functions you get to see them.
But once in a year is sufficient for you to get an experience from them for a lifetime.

Here are the relatives every Indian household has.|
Read and point at your relatives.


1.The self esteem devastating chachi who always points out when you gain weight,or get tanned





2.The Boastful Mousi who carries his son’s report card everywhere and highlights his intelligence




3.Over-concerned Bua who will lick your whole face by kissing whenever you see her,and make you eat like Hulk





4.Partial daddi  who loves the elder one more than you,and doesn’t give you a fuck




5.Champion cousin who is so perfect that Aamir Khan will be put to shame.You hate this cousin






6.Spoilt drug-addict cousin who is the epitome of  terrorism for everyone




7.The unwanted uncle who chases you and gives you love/life/career advices when you absolutely try to avoid him




8.The bad dancer uncle who dances so bad in family functions that you feel guilty about inviting your friends there





9.The cool single young uncle from NYC who always gets stuff for you and gives you lots of pocket money





10.The Aunt who cooks so well that you can tolerate her bad-dancer-uncle husband for the sake of her 




Could relate?
Now wonder which of these you might be to your relatives.
Never mind

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