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10 types of people we meet in a theatre

Theatres are never what they are,without all kinds of annoying people who surround us.
Right from the guy who charges us 150 rupees for handful of popcorn,to my own friends who sandwich me captivating my hand-space,
our life becomes a comedy-tragedy saga itself when we go to watch a movie.

If you are regular to the cinemas and have met amazingly annoying people,kindly feel us.

1.The one who eats pan and spits everywhere




2.The Bollywood-freak who stands and claps whenever something amazing happens and blocks your view




3.The over-excited person who dances in the back row during songs




4.The moron who passes lame comments and pisses you




5.The jerk who is half-asleep behind and is kicking your seat’s ass throughout the movie




6.That corner seat couple who is indulged in pornography throughout the movie




7.The lame guy who stares at you throughout the movie





8.The “gentleman” who eats popcorn and keeps throwing one or two at you inadvertently




9.That family which has too many toddlers that make sure they cry throughout the movie




10.The guy who laughs loudly enough for you to be compelled to ask him whats wrong with him





11.The apparent VIP whose phone keeps ringing from beginning to end.And then,his loud talk




These amazing people always make sure our movie experience is devastated enough,for us to come back and watch the movie on DVD yet again.

But in case its a disastrous movie itself,they are the ones who save us with the entertainment.
So lets love them sometimes,maybe?


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