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10 Types of couples you can find around you

We all have known people who date.
Some are sober,some make us go gooey,some make us realize what we miss in life by not being in a relationship,but most of them are creepy.
Love is not meant to be creepy,its meant to be warm.But these couples make us always change our opinions about it.

If you are a victim of an environment with too many couples around,you might relate to this.


1.The PDA experts

With this couple around,you better not eat because you will definitely puke.
They make sure that you need no porn for the rest of the week.





2.The been-there-since-forever couples

They have been since the time when Raj first met Simran.
You remember being there on their 4rth,7th,and 10th Anniverseries.





3.The “Puchus”

They call each with nicknames which are incomprehensible for the rest of the people in their lives.
They buy each other so many teddy bears,roses and chocolates that they might bring a significant effect on the Indian economy with all their shopping.






4.The couple which loves only to show on social network

We all know when they have a fight,when they have been for a holiday,when they have their month anniverseries.
Its like even when they make each other an omelette,they have to tell us on Facebook.





5.The “No-you-hang-up-first” couples

They are in a long-distance relationship,but mostly remain close to each other over phone,some 23.5 hours a day.
And if you ever get the opportunity to listen to them,you realize they had been only deciding on who will hang up first,from last 128 minutes.
So you just have to go and hang up the phone all by yourself ,ending the debate.






6.The Mr. and Miss Shy

They hardly talk to each other in public,and when they do,they mostly use their eyes instead of tongues.
So much old school romance.






7.The enemies

They fight everyday and breakup with each other twice a day.
And by midnight,they are again in each other’s arms.









8.The overconcerned

Over-possessive lovers,ones who ask each other if they have eaten well ,so many times that even if either of them wouldn’t have,
he/she is forced to do so.
And in case their lover has got a pin-prick on their fingers,they are taken to hospital.







9.The opposite poles

One is nerdy,other is wild.One likes alcohol,other never even has coffee.
When you see them you wonder how they got together in the first place.









10.The perfect love birds

They are like your mom and dad.Very secure about each other,very much in a love which is more like friendship.
These specifically,inspire you to be in relationships.





Now that you know what kind of couples could be around you,
go categorize and bother them all.