10 things only super-lazy people will understand

Being lazy is not a crime, it is a way of life. I mean you should take perfect pride in being a helpless couch potato, nothing wrong with it, right? If you’re a lazy-ass, here’s something you would relate to…

1. Waking up in the morning is the biggest struggle of your life.

2. You like sports….on the TV….with a bowl of popcorn.

3.You have one year membership for the gym, but you couldn’t take it more than 2 days. And when someone asks you to go for the gym, you say…

4. You have the most skillful brain- you can find shortcuts for everything!

5. You barely text or call because… is so much labour!

2. Too bored to even type.

6. There are only a few things you really really love – the TV, the couch, the bed and the fridge.

7. Your room just reflects your personality. You want to clean it some day….but then, you think it is perfectly fine like this.

8. ¬†You believe in showers and grooming…and you plan to experience it one day.

5. Taking a shower is too much of work.

9. When you feel hungry after the tiring job of lying on the couch and watching TV, you can’t drag yourself to the fridge to grab something.

10. Your idea of a perfect weekend is to sleep, eat and watch TV. That is how you define paradise.

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