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10 things that prove you are a coffee lover

Black coffee in the morning,but with milk in the evening.
At-least 12 cups in a day,still you can’t get enough of it.
Admit it,you run on coffee,like engines run on fuel.

If you are mad about coffee too,grab a cup and read on.


1.Those who say about the health hazards of too much coffee get easily ignored by you




2.On a date,your focus in more on the coffee than the person in-front of you




3.Coffee is your energy drink before you start your work




4.Your only cure of depression, is some black coffee




5.If u have not had coffee one fine morning,you  crib and fuss at everything throughout the day




6.Coffee mugs are your favorite gifts and make you go gooey





7.You have converted many of your friends into coffee lovers too





8.The nearest coffee joint knows u so well that they dont add taxes to your bill anymore





9.You prefer coffee over alcohol anyday





10.Spending a lot in Starbucks doesn’t bother you,but giving five rupee extra for one kilogram onion gives you a heartache






Like the new Nescafe ad says,Coffee makes you go on.
So go,refill your cup,and drink to life.


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