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10 things about people who are extremely outgoing

“Chal na bey kahin chaltey hain”.
You say this to your friends 12 times a day.
There must not be even one bar/cafe you haven’t been to, in the locality.
You know the shortest way to the market complex,you know the best place where butter chicken can be eaten at the cheapest.

You are outgoing and vibrant.You are fast like the rivers but you dont even stop at the sea.
This post is for you.


1.When it rains,you lose your mind because you can’t go out





2.Your parents spank your ass everyday for returning home late





3.Your neighbours see you in the malls so often that they are sure you aren’t enrolled in a college

girl3 (1)




4.You know all the roadways,shortcuts and lovers’ points in the city



5.The shopkeepers and restaurant workers within the 5km radius of your locality are all your friends and family now




6.You have converted many introvert shy friends into party-lovers like you








7.Your friends always come to you when they need a good time




8.Your Facebook  feed is filled with check-ins and photos from party places




9.No matter whether you are in class or toilet,you always keep planning stuff to do that day




10.You always see the newly released movies on Friday itself.

“Maine toh woh movie kabka dekhli”.*Spits out spoilers*




Too much time wasted.
Time to go out for a shopping spree now.
See you.

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