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12 things only hostelites can relate to

Failed planchettes. All-nighters.Smelly socks. Hot discussions.
After being in a hostel,one can be anywhere on earth,but one can’t tolerate being alone.The best part of all our lives,must be those long hours of counter-strike and FIFA,those longer hours of solving a friend’s personal problem collectively,and those uncountable nicknames we have given to our room-mates for every-fucking-habit they had.

If you can relate till now,you will relate to all that’s below.


1.When a friend gets “ghar ka khana”,the stampede is uncontrollable

You get attention by your hostel-mates on only one occasion.
When you get food packed from home.






2.Washing clothes,making beds don’t bother you anymore

You become accustomed to doing the painful jobs of washing clothes,making beds,and pressing your clothes once you come to know that in hostel,unlike home,no one is going to give a fuck to these things of yours.And then one fine day,such chores dont bother you anymore.







3.You grow bold about changing clothes anywhere

You have nothing left to reveal to your hostel-mates,since they have seen you during your worst wardrobe malfunctions.
Lack of the concept of changing rooms in hostels have surely instilled more courage in us poor students.







4. You are used to not bathing for weeks

And still you never fail to look as presentable as those day-boarders do,who have attached bathrooms and 24 hour water supply.






5.Porn.You had your first encounter with it here.

Yes.Hostel taught you there exists a slightly modified version of YouTube,and you have been hooked to it ever since.







6.You simply can’t sleep early 

No matter how much you try,there will always be a rascal talking on phone around you,or a gang of other bastard laughing so loud while playing Ludo,that you get compelled to join them leaving your sleep pending.






7.You need not know the exam syllabus.There will be someone to teach you and inform you everything

And then when the exams get over,you realize you didn’t even have a copy of the exam date-sheet.







8.You are immediately aware of all the hot affairs your wardens and professors are having

Because you are pretty jobless and so are your friends. Also because the warden is a chauvinist animal always groaning over your pranks.






9.You get to experience hangovers

Ah.The first glass of rum you have had here. And how your friends made a video of yours shouting out curse words and revealing secrets.





10.You start dreading your birthday

The kicks and punches you get on your Birthday night are so deadly,that you waste the rest of the year only waiting for your other friends’ birthdays to come.






11.You can survive on Maggi anytime now

Undoubtedly,you can have maggi three times a day and still never get bored.






12.You know what friendship is

And you know it so beautifully that you can’t do without your friends anymore.






So if you are still in a hostel,do not forget to enjoy every moment of your life.
Because with time,maggi and coffee cups will become a memory.
And worse,if you still have them,you would have them alone.