10 things girls get judged for

“Oh u changed your boyfriend twice in a year, u have no character”.
“You posted a picture in your shorts. Come on yaar, duniya kharab hai.”
“You are a girl. You definitely know nothing about Maths and Politics.”
“You asked that guy out from your own side? Koi dignity nahi hai kya?”.

Being a woman ain’t easy here in India.We get judged for many things that’s perfectly normal for men.
Here is everything that makes you bad in other’s eyes.
Specifically,a list of everything you shouldn’t care being judged for.


1.If you have worn a skirt that ends above your knees,they assume you have been tempting men to sleep with you.

girl3 (1)





2.If you have lots of male friends,you are a desperate woman who is  a man-eater





3.Drinking or smoking is only for men.You did it being a woman? Bitch






4.Sexual jokes and abusive language shows you are cheap.Unless you aren’t a woman





5.Being straightforward is interpreted as being uncivilized and ill-mannered here





6.Approaching people from your side makes you undignified.Didn’t you know that?




7.Having a stand in things is against morals for you.You weak little woman




8.Having had many boyfriends in your past,means you can never be satisfied with one man





9.Tattoos,piercings and  hair-dye.If you got them,no one will marry you




10.Openly talking about sex? Hey Bhagwan ladki ki character kharab hai




They will always have to say something about you.
So be yourself and live your life like you want.
Stop giving them a shit.

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