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11 things your friends do to irritate you

They are the biggest “chutiyas” we have in our life.
Often they have got into our Facebook accounts and talked shit with people we earlier had a good impression on.
They are pestering,eat all our ghar-ka-khaana,fart back as a return gift.

However they are,they are the ones who have seen us in our worst but still never get pissed with us.
But ofcourse,never stop pissing us either.
If you are ready to recall all the harassment,read on.


1.Making you smell their socks when you are completely unaware




2.Waking you up from sleep only to tell you,you have no class




3.Tagging you on Facebook, in a photo you look disastrous in




4.Telling you about their different “pehla saccha pyaars” every second day




5.Doing weird activities when your crush is around,so that she/he clearly comes to know your hidden feelings






6.Capturing the only toilet you both share,exactly when you can’t control anymore




7.Going out with you and forgetting their wallets




8.Telling obscene things in the background when your family members are on call




9.Somehow leaving you alone in an awkward situation with the people you hate the most secretly




10.Taking your pictures in embarrassing positions,or recording when you snore,and later blackmailing 




11.Calling you by your nickname in public



I can go on and on,but my roommates are already doing something with my phone.
I should leave before anything embarrassing happens.
See you guys later.


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