7 Things that you could always use when going through a rough patch

Life can be a bitch. It just won’t let you be up and beaming all the time. Ups and downs are a way of life but sometimes, well, it pulls you down with a thud. You become frustrated and anxious and your mind just keeps going back to that one thing which went wrong. While most people would tell you that an occasional drink and a piece of cigarette is all you need, I think they are just overrated. There are better things to help you cope with your dilemma, whatever it may be. So we have complied a list of all those things….here goes..

1. Chocolate

It is a proven fact that chocolates help you ease out your nerves. There might be scientific reasons behind it but we would let you consult google for that. But trust me, a chocolate bar and an empty terrace is pretty much all you need to relieve your mind.

2. A shower

However fucked up you might be, taking a shower is always a good idea. And though it may sound a little lame, all the good ideas come in shower. It would help yo freshen up and have a better look at the situation.

3. A bowl of Ice cream

Nothing soothes better than ice cream. If you are someone who is not so much of a fan of ice cream, you are at a loss my friend. Ice cream is one thing that would be your late night alone-time partner. It is just so comforting to ave a bowl of ice cream in hand and believe in the world all ove again.

4.  Music

Music is the ultimate pain-killer. When you are having a hard time with all the confusion in your head, just plug in your ear phones and switch off the real world.

5. Books

Okay, this might be exclusive to some people. When you’re down, a good read might cheer you up. No matter what your favorite genre is, there is something for everyone in the library. And then there are those awesome motivational books from Paulo Coelho and alikes. They never fail.

6. A walk with yourself

We have little time these days right? But when you’re down, especially then, you should definitely go for a walk down the street. The world is beautiful, but we never get to appreciate it unless we put down those spectacles of dogma. Give yourself some time, some peace.

7. Hangout with some old pals

By pals I mean exclusively those people who understand you. You don’t want to be more depressed. Spending some time with friends would help you let your hair down and have a heart-to-heart chat.

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