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10 Signs that Science is not for you

Chemistry for you has always been the compatibility quotient between two lovers. The amount of “friction” your brain has to bear while learning the laws of motion have never been proportional to the force you can endure. When you understand your position in science,you realize you have lost your momentum to take this shit more. If you can’t relate with this still,the further symptoms will tell you exactly if science isn’t for you.

1.You have believed all your life that babies grow in the stomach of a pregnant female

You remember betting on this with the biology geeks in your class and been dead sure that babies grow in the belly(obviously);because then why would a woman suddenly inflate at the abdomen while pregnant. Duh!

Till one day some snobbish Biology geek introduces you to uterus,leaving you startled for the rest of your life.



2.After watching 3D movies,you wish life was in 3D

Watching Avatar in 3D has moved your imagination so much,that you dont love life anymore. You dont like that its not as dimensional as the movie had appeared. You almost lose your reason to live,till one day a science-loving friend screams and tells you how life had always come in 3 dimensions. And then you become sentimental over the gratefulness of God.


3.You think fart is entirely composed of Hydrogen

And that if you fart into an oxygen cylinder,you will have a cylinder full of water for bothering people with more ice bucket challenges.


4.Hiccups mean your life partner missing you

Oh please! Do not tell me hiccups are involuntary myoclonic jerks of the diaphragm.

I know its an ishara that someone somewhere is missing you badly.


5.You found Dhoom 3 very realistic and logical

You would love having dollar bills rain on me or that bike which converts into jet ski in water.And not to forget that amazing auto-rickshaw stunt ^_^.


6.Gravity acts exactly 10 seconds after you have jumped off the cliff. 

Yeah we all took Physics lessons from Mr.Roadrunner. Atleast he surely doesn’t joke like Mr.Feymann.



7.You are still waiting if chickens might come out of those eggs in your refrigerator

 What? Do you mean these are unfertilized eggs and chickens will never come out?Whatever.Btw,what’s fertilisation?



8. You are already prepared for Zombie apocalypse

We already have Snipers,nuclear weapons and nimbu mirchi. Luck and technology is on our side Zombies.



9.You think seawater is salty because too many jerks  have been peeing in it since centuries

 Yaar yeh toh obvious hai. Rain doesn’t taste salty but sea water does. What else can be the reason?



10.You believe in the theory below



Well whatever it might be,trust me,you dont have to feel morose about science not being for you.To be honest,NO one ever got science.