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10 signs of a real bibliophile

“The person,be it a gentleman or a lady,who has not pleasure in a good novel,must be intolerably stupid
-Jane Austen

Your best birthday gifts are books.
Once you enter a bookstore or library,you will take double the amount of time your mother takes while cloth/grocery shopping.
Your shelves are never empty,and hardly any course books find space in them.

If you are mad about books,this post is for you.Read and find your reflection.


1.Your normal conversations with people also have avant-garde literary content




2.You apply the theories from your favourite book and accordingly live your life.
“One doesn’t want to be loved as much as one wants to be understood”





3.You don’t date people who don’t read books.





4.You spend the major amount of your salary in books.And then have to starve for the rest of the month




5.You dont have space in your closet and bed due to too many books.





6.All your Facebook status updates are serious philosophical book lines.You are already being blocked by many for this.






7.When someone comes to borrow a book,you feel intimidated and offended.




8.You don’t like going out because there is a book at your house waiting to be completed.




9.You don’t like movie adaptations of books. They are a personal insult for you





10.You can’t sleep peacefully for days after completing a book




We feel you dear bibliophiles.
But then,like John Green said,
Books are so special and rare and yours that advertising your affection seems like a betrayal”.

So keep calm,and happily read.