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10 signs that you are obsessed with looking good

Checking yourself 100 times in the mirror before leaving house.
Avoiding cup-cakes so you do not gain an extra inch by your waist.
Making sure your jeans are not out of fashion before wearing them out.

Lots to be done in the life of a person who is obsessed with looking good.
If you are too one of them,feel at home.


1.You waste more time in-front of the mirror,than you spend on the bed or phone




2.You are a fitness freak and for its sake,no flavor of pastry can tempt you enough




3.When anyone tells you have gained weight,you are stunned and hurt

girl3 (1)



4.You try out hundred clothes before buying the one which fits right




5.Your make-up expenditure is the only reason you are poor




6.You dont miss taking selfies in each outfit,and in every hour of the day




7.You judge people by their fashion sense




8.Corridors of your college are ramps for you to show your talent




9.You always remain updated with the latest Bollywood fashion trends



10.Whenever you go to the bathroom,you set your hair by applying a little water




To be or not to be in fashion,
is your only dilemma.

Cheers to your good looks!