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10 signs that you are obsessed with Bollywood

“Rahul.Naam toh sunna hi hoga”.

If you have told this to people replacing Rahul with your own unusual name,(which possibly no one would have heard before),we totally know Bollywood is on your mind all time.You wait for fridays throughout the week. And while watching a movie,you analyse it with so much expertise that Einstein would have felt nervous about his analysis of photoelectric effect,if he would have been here.

If you are filmy,this post is something you can relate to.


1.You use movie dialogues on a regular basis in your conversations with people



“Kuch nahi,Bus yunhi”.

You have done this to so many people so many times that now even if you are genuinely calling someone,they dont look back because they are absolutely sure its “yunhi”.




2.You follow every trend Bollywood introduces

Whether it is the “pataka” tattoo Alia Bhatt had inscribed at the back of her neck,or the famous Ghajini hairstyle,you have brought all the Bollywood trends to your city.

And you do it compulsively,even when being “size zero” costs you to resist all the free pizza offers of Domino’s.




3.You solve your life’s problems using lessons learnt from Bollywood

When your ex-boyfriend comes back,you know he is the “Anshuman” in your life and the friendzoned guy you have had in your life is your “Aditya”.And when your friend Aditi gets upset,you know all you’ve got to do is sing an old song after carrying her to the nearest airport.

Movies have all the solutions to life’s problems,you see.





4.You are very sure engineers can deliver babies using vacuum pumps

You know Bollywood is above science and is the epitome of logic.

And anyone not seconding this is going to be the victim of your very long and aggressive lecture in defense of Bollywood.






5.It hurts you when celebrity couples break up.

Since the day you heard Shahid Kareena split or Hrithik Suzzane divorce,you hadn’t attended 4 days of classes and hadn’t eaten non-veg for a week and a half,to pay your own sentimental tribute.





6.Your day dreams mainly comprise of you instead of the actress/actor in some famous song


Most of the time you are alone and have your ear-phones plugged in,you are either imagining shaking your booty with Rani Mukherjee in the same wierd song you are listening to,or you imagine that crush you had in class 12th being in your arms all the while with some touching song like “Samjhawan” playing in background.





7.You read newspapers. But dont know there are pages 1,2,4,5,6,7 too

You are very much updated about which star had worn what to which party.
No one can beat you in being aware about celebrity gossips.Not even those celebrities.







8.When a Bollywood song plays in a party,you lose control

You are in a guest at a party where your parents have accompanied you and you are supposed to look all “sanskaari” and educated that day.But suddenly a Bollywood song like “tinku jiya” or “Shiela ki Jawani” plays and you are all over the floor dropping the decency you disguised your real personality with.






9.You expect people to be just like the fictional characters in movie

You expect a real police officer to have his sun-glasses hooked to his shirt-collar behind his neck.

The standard goodness of a boyfriend for you is judged by how close is he to Aamir Khan in “Dil”,and the standard amount of over-acting you expect from your mother is the amount portrayed by Kirron Kher in “Om Shanti Om”.






10.During critical moments in your real life,you have a situational song playing in the back of mind

When you have a fight with a friend,” Dost dost na raha” automatically echoes from the walls of your heart.
When you have a bad breakup,you are reminded of songs like “Jag soona soona lage” even before you feel the pain of the break-up.
You might look calm to others,but inside you are dancing according to the tunes of that song the situation is invoking in you.





Its because of filmy people like us for whom the industry remains successful.
So the next time people pester you for carrying around your sun-glasses behind your neck like Chulbul Pandey,
just give them a more filmy lecture and finish off with

Yanna Rascala.Mind it“.