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10 Side-effects of having a stupid nickname

It was cute till you were a kid, but now, it is just a pain your ass! If you have one of those ‘cute’ nicknames, we have something you’d be able to relate to…

1. You hate the family functions where all your relatives would call you by your stupid nicknames. So there’s no way you could catch a girl/guy on a wedding.


2. You try to explain what it means, but it gets worse. 


3. Your old friends call you exclusively by that name and make sure everyone in the diameter of 50 km gets to know.

4.  You have laid some rules for your family. There’s no way they can call you by the ‘cute name’ in public!

5. …….But still they do….

6. Your friends use your nickname on the social media all the time to troll you.

7. When you meet someone with a weirder name than yours, you try to fit-in every joke anyone has ever made on you.

8. There are side-characters in movies or serials that share your name. And your friends never miss the chance to take a dig at you for that.

9. You have decided to ignore the jokes, laugh them off but then…people never stop!

10. You have tried some cool names or short forms but your family and friends never catch them.


And despite all these things, you still secretly like to be called what you are called…because that’s just who you are.

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