Here are 10 of Om Puri’s best movie dialogues: Remembering his stellar performances

India has produced ample of talents and stellar performers, in every field. One of the most unforgettable talent among them, is and always will be the veteran actor, Om Puri. Unfortunately, with the dawn of this year, we lost him. The versatile actor, who made his presence felt in the Indian film Industry died of a massive heart attack. Even if the actor has now left for his heavenly abode, he will be always remembered, for his class performances.

And the least we could do to honour this gem of an actor, the late Mr. Om Puri, is to post  10 of his best movie dialogues which had a huge impact on the audience. 

1. Every person should fall in love at least once in life. Love has the power to transform a person

2. Give things some time before you start believing in them


4. If you have faith on yourself then friendship will bring success. And if you have doubt on you then it may ruin too.

5. Religion is made for humans, not the other way around

6. When the lines of traditions become blurry, we shouldn’t worry about drawing new ones

7. At one time I only do one work, when I drink then I drink a lot, and when I am on duty then I only do duty

8. An alcoholic will definitely help another alcoholic

9.  In our business we don’t have any relationship with tears

10. No matter the war, no matter the outcome… a soldier always loses something

Sir, you’ll always be in our hearts!!


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