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10 lies parents tell their kids

“If you don’t do your homework,i will tell Santa to cancel your Christmas gift”.
Our parents have tortured us all our lives keeping us in illusions.
Tooth fairies,imaginary boogey men,we have been told about all of them throughout our childhood.

Here are some of the epic lies our mom dad have fooled us with.


1.”If you cross your eyes,your face will stay like that”






2.”No your sister is not my favorite,you are”.



And then while we were overwhelmed,our sister had already got that extra piece of cake for being the older one.




3.”If you tell me the truth,i will not scold you”

And then you tell the truth and get thrashed like anything.







4.”We will go to uncle’s house together but only for half an hour”

And then you sit there giving fake smiles to everyone for the next 5 hours.





5.”Drinking tea will make you dark”






6.”This toy is for kids, not grown ups like you”.





7.”Dont worry the injection won’t hurt”

And what happens next is exactly the opposite.




8.”If you dont sleep, a witch will come to take you”.






9.”We can’t buy the toy.Its broken”






10.”You can’t play games on my phone.Phone kharaab ho gaya hai”.






Mommy and Daddy,you are amazing.
But trust me,my face never got paralyzed forever, right at the moment when i was showing my tongue to someone.