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10 lies kids tell their parents

“Yes mummy,i am doing my homework”,she said,and just when mommy was assured her daughter is the most obedient child of the mohalla,she tucked the phone out of her pocket and whispered slowly,”Han jaan bolo”.
We all know how much we lie to our parents,and the best thing,those innocent beings put up with us even when they discover what we lied about.

If you too are one of those rascals who wouldn’t let your parents know shit about your life,please feel at home here.



1.When your parents get called for your chutiyapa in school,”Mummy,teacher partiality karta hai”.

Yes,please hate her,not me.I am a saint.






2.”I didnt break it,it was broken already when i touched it”

Or maybe i did,but i am never admitting in this lifetime.





3.”Maa class main sab fail hue hain”

*Acts like a victim of circumstances*





4.”Mom i am talking to Priya on phone”

Who may or may not be Priyank instead.






5,” Daddy i ¬†am going to Nisha’s home. Group study karni hai”.

Just that there will be alcohol,loud music and drugs in the “group study” session.





6.”No we haven’t got report cards yet”

Please don’t check my school-bag.





7.”Dad,she is just a friend”.

With whom sometimes i make out a little.






8.”Yes mom coming in ten minutes sharp”.

Oh,not before 4 more Patiala packs and 30 minutes of twerking on the dance floor.






9.”Yes mom i have added you on Facebook”.

And then added 35 privacy settings so you never know anything i do.






10.”No class today Dad.Aaj bus PT hai”.

Directly,I dont give a fuck about studies;so let me sleep.