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10 legendary excuses people make to not bath everyday

We all know those stinky skunks around us in our hostels,who bathe once in a month and survive on other’s deodorants.
They think a face-wash is enough to survive the whole day,and bluff everyone into thinking you have had a shower.
Most amazing thing is,we all are those same stinky skunks,or have been so at one point of our lives.

So here are the excuses we all make to not bath everyday.The ones who do,please be kind to us.



1.I will get dirty again anyhow.So why to even clean myself?








2.Early-men survived without bathing,so obviously science never asked us to bath.








3.See there is no rule that you got to bath everyday.No 24 hour rule.







4.I got drenched in the rain yesterday.So i am all washed for next 5 weeks.







5.I am not going out.So why should i take a shower









6.I have not gone out.So no dust on my skin anyways.








7. Umm.Save water Maybe?








8.I can use deodorant to smell good.Why bother to take a bath,man?









9.I cant waste time.I have to do better things.Like play another level on Candy Crush.








10. Doesn’t sweat wash off all the dirt already.Duh!!