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10 Irritating habits of couples that piss people off!

1. Calling each other by annoying pet names like shonu, monu, baba, babi.

2. Making ‘ishaares’ to each other in front of friends.

Trust me, everyone in the room wants to kill you.



3. Coordinated clothing 

4. Pulling your guy/girl into every plan you make with friends…..

No matter if they maintain a straight face on the outside, your friends actually feel this way:

5. ……and in every conversation.

6. Talking in plural.

Seriously, we don’t want to hear you use ‘we’ in every freaking sentence.

7. Talking about love and how magical it is to your single friends who really don’t give a damn.


8. Gushing about your love life on Facebook.

Seriously, no one cares.


9. Comparing yourselves to other couples…


10. Texting each other day and night.

Wait, I need to go. *5 mins later* Did you miss me? I totally missed you!


11. Rambling on about your love story and how many ups and downs you have seen to your friends.


12. Prolonged public display of affection.




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