10 most idiotic Bollywood songs

They are all catchy but you would want to bite your tongue if you found yourself humming them, because there can’t be anything more stupid. presenting Bollywood’s stupidest songs!


     I Love You, You Love me “(Hum saath saath hai):

I know there were too many people to fit in one song but come on, poori ABCD jap loge kya?

2. Aaj blue hai paani paani paani paani paani paani,

  Aur din bhi sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny (Yaariyan)

Full of bikini babes and Honey Singh, this song was destined to be a hit amongst the masala-song lovers. Ab jab itna sab hai toh gaane mein bas paani aur sunny ka repeatition kar deneka, super duper hit!

3. “What is mobile number?What is your smile number?

     What is your style number? Karun kya dial number?” (Haseena Maan Jayegi):

Bhai ye smile number kya hota hai? Style number? Hain?

It’s like a telephone operator eating your brain while you are saying, “arre nahi chaihye scheme!” -_-

4.  “A, aa, i, ee, u, oo, e, ai udibaba, udibaba…

     ba pa udibaba, udibaba” (Vidhaata) :

Could be used by hindi teachers to teach you the ‘varna mala’.

5. “Bataata vada hey bataata vada, Dil nahi dena tha dena pada
Bataata vada hey bataata vada, Pyaar nahi karna tha karna pada”(Hifazat):

Ab ismein bataata vada kya karega?

6. “Main layaa hoon chooha apna, kaha hai teri choohi”
“Obama Obama Obama Obama” ( Yaar Gaddar):

How could this pass the censor? And then Saif takes out a rat from his pocket and run after the leading lady. Matlab, pathetic-ism at it’s best!

7.  “Anda Agar Na Hota To Murgiyaan Na Hoti,

     Murgiyon Ke Bin Maze Ki Partiyaan Na Hoti,

   Gar Partiyaan Na Hoti To Aashiqui Na Hoti, Jo Aashiqui Na Hoti To Zindagi Na Hoti,

    Ande Se Milti Murghi Murgi Se Milta Andam, Patna Ho Ya Batinda Ghar Ghar Mein Milta Anda.”

 (Jodi No.1):

Though I enjoy the comic timing between Sajay Datt and Govinda, but as you hear the saga of this Anda, you would definitely go mad! Actors do save the day, don’t they?

8. “Uyee Amma, Uyee Amma, mushkil yeh kya ho gayee…

       Tere badan se toofan utha toh sari hawaa ho gayee.” (Mawaali):

Na sense hai na science hai. Apparently Jaya Prada has her sari blown away now and then and Jeetendar  comes to the rescue with his unmatchable scientific experience and suggests that it might be a storm rising form her own body that has blown her saari away…..I have two words…..Drunk Lyricist.

9.  “What to do” (Aiyya):

This song is so very pathetic that I can’t even write the lyrics here. I mean, come on, self respect, man! Aiyya is as useless a movie as Uday Chopra is to the world. if you are curious enough, you can go and check out the lyrics yourself, thoda sa I’ll tell you: “Aayi ne bola not to do, kise
Aaye sharam what to do”

10.”Oh mother father listen up! Woah!”
“Boss khiladi hai
Sexy body hai
Haryana mein khud ki pahadi hai
Boss tu hottie thoda naughty hai” (Boss):

Mother father? Honey Singh plus Akshay kumar = gaane ka satyanaash.

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