10 Hilarious Sign Boards, Indian ishtyle!

This is just a collection of what you might already have seen day-to-day on the streets if you have the privilege of living in India. Some goofy people have captured them. Have a look!

1. So, what would you like to go for?

2. Indian streets sell everything… dragon moms, cheken moms, monchuriun nodules – you know we love Chaineese food here in India!

buzzzz.jpg (380×285)

3.  Do we have a Chick Bazaar? 😮


4.  No offence, but I prefer solid tea, you know. :/

5. So are you a model? Yeah, I have done print Ads…for toilets….with spelling mistakes….(meant in good humor)

6. Hain? -_-

7. No comments. -_-

8. Because, we’re crappy! 😉

9. Say Whaaat? 😮

10. And the most abundant one……

But you know…if there were perfect sign boards, it would never be so much fun to be out in our typical bazaars. Cheers to imperfection! Would you like a child bear? 😉

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