10 Funny roadside sign boards that will make you go ‘hain?’

Sometimes humor comes uncalled for. I mean you don’t expect to laugh while driving seriously, especially on the highway. But then, what can you do, there they are, beaming happily at you. Those funny old sign boards! Here is a collection of the most hilarious few!

1.  I don’t see anything wrong with it and yet…


2. Can someone be more direct?

funny indian roads signs hindi facebook quotes very hilarious006

3. You don’t say?  -_-

4. Not much of a problem, eh?


5.  Nicely put.

6. No, I was about to drive through the Magma!


7.  That is good advice.


8.  That escalated quickly!

9.  This deserves my silence.

10.  Say whaat?


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